Plutonic Group Syncs :: Easy Kill - Constant Hum (Single)

Constant Hum

✇ Constant Hum ✇

The EASY KILL sound has been half-jokingly labelled ‘doom-pop’, a term which highlights the duality underpinning their music, wherein quiet thoughtful lulls are followed by louder moments of uplift or down-spiral. Chaos then clarity.

Woeful sonics and melancholic textures collide on “Constant Hum”, a track that feels at home on Total Life Forever as much as anything by Yeasayer.

Soaring indie pop/alt-rock with male vocal develops subtly with distant rhythms, hypnotic, shimmering lead guitar melodies, lively percussion and swirling textures. Anthemic builds @2’14 with soft layered vocals fused with the soaring ‘hum’ of backing vocals as the ebb and flow of muted instrumentation match shifts in mood and place.

RIYL: Future Islands x Foals, Yeasayer, Total Life Forever