㊂ Creature ㊂


Idle Mind is a superb album navigating effortlessly between contemporary shades of folk music, spirited folk-rock and Americana blues-rock. Anna-Mieke‘s forays into more modern classical and jazz-tinged territories on ‘Creature’; a standout track in a collection devoid of a weak song..

Creature’ evolves, beginning relatively downtempo with just Mieke’s voice and piano. Lithe and fluid, the elegant piano-led single breaks up the folk atmosphere. A paranoid electric guitar rhythm, reminiscent of Radiohead‘s ‘Spooks’, thus, providing added texture and movement.

The song expands as it progresses, anchored by Mieke’s own piano and cello, and Matthew Jacobson’s whispering percussion. The lyrics speak of childhood vulnerability that silently infiltrates and colours our adult selves with both intuition and tenderness.

The piece pulsates with a Chopin like piano line. The melody, undercut by dreamy, loose drums and echoing backing vocals builds with layers of hums for good measure. The clean guitar sound pinches the ear with its mumbling, affecting tone. At the same time, Mieke’s voice jolts about wonderfully on top of jubilant percussion.

Culminating with psychedelic sounds of cymbals played against an upper register flute. The mix is clean and airy, therefore, an ideal backdrop for Mieke’s vocals.

…a perfectly dreamy atmosphere that’s delicate yet emotionally impactful.

Mieke described the track as “absolutely the most satisfying song to record for the album – most likely because of the spontaneity of recording it.”


RIYL: Rioghnach Connolly, Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling