Plutonic Group Syncs :: illuminine - Dear, Dolores (#2)

Dear, Dolores

【 Dear, Dolores 】

In the silence of the night, Kevin Imbrechts turned to Illuminine. Only, assisted by a guitar, some effects pedals and a toy synthesizer. His dreamy, instrumental soundscapes, can situate you at the intersection of ambient, neoclassical and post-rock and do silent and cinematic.

Imbrechts has come to the forefront as a master of melancholia. His interpretation of melancholia is one of coherence: often soothing and with smooth edges, but also varied in its execution, allowing for shifting temperaments and rearranged combinations of instruments. “It’s almost like each song can be discovered again and again and each listen can give form to a new constellation.”

In #2  of Illuminine, the influence of Sigur Rós is shimmering. It is therefore not surprising that his music – a cross-pollination between neo-classical, ambient and post-rock – catapults you to idyllic Icelandic landscapes.

While the serene soundscape of  ‘Dear, Dolores’ features a crystalline piano accompanying an acoustic guitar, string section and drones, it’s the acoustic guitar which is the focal point. Simple and clear in sound, but equally sober, deeply melancholic with a touch of nostalgia, ethereal textures & sense of warmth.

This is not music that can be consumed quickly, just the other way around: ‘Dear Dolores‘, as with the eleven other songs and interludes on the album, is meant to be rather slow — to be savoured, as a fine, tasty delicacy that is called musical relaxation.

RIYL: Nils Frahm, Sigur Rós, Ólafur Arnalds