Plutonic Group Syncs :: Do The Right by Chimes & Bells

Do The Right

⊗ Do The Right ⊗


If you enjoyed ‘Chimes & Bells‘ debut ep, Into Pieces of Wood (2009), you will also be pleased with their self-titled debut album. And in particular, the track, ‘Do The Right‘ with its repetitive and dark art-rock tones.

Chimes & Bell’s self-titled debut album expands upon the unique style heard on Into Pieces of Wood. But here, the band’s evocative sound universe becomes more accessible. Pop structures now lurk beneath the surface of the ten romantic and nuanced compositions. An extension of the instruments, but still a study in how to use the traditional songwriting formula. Unfurling it beyond meditative drones and melodramatic tension fields.

Do the Right‘, a direct continuation of the 4-track ep release and in our opinion, also the album’s strongest track.  Expansive, drawn-out shoegaze, created by dark incongruity through extreme reverberation. Trier’s distinctive, deep-sounding voice and the simple and solemn darkness of the cello.

Composed in 2009, ‘Do the Right,’  starts out minimalist with vocals that repeatedly sing the title in a perpetual echo; the rhythm, not only monotonous but are also droney and long-drawn. Repetitive and mesmerizing until the soundscape is filled with cacophonic noise and drums.

There is something eminently sexual about the undulating rhythm. To say nothing of the way Trier stretches her darkened vocals across the ominously hazy soundscape.

Cecilia’s deep, powerful voice and the band’s dragging, dirty, organic flow create a high-pitched soundscape; centered on layer-by-layer vocal harmonies, cello, organ, guitar, bass, and drums.

Chimes & Bells succeeded in developing what they started with Into Pieces of Wood’. They continue with a more post-rock style, enveloped in a gloomy, hypnotic fogginess.


RIYL:  Florence Welsh, My Bloody Valentine, Choir of Young Believers, Cocteau Twins