╎ Do What You Do ╎


The tune is called “Do What You Do” and the artist is Aurora Dee Raynes. A newfangled collaboration between producer Touchy Subject and vocalist Danielle Kranendonk will set your sub-woofer on fire!

The joint effort of careens straight through both ears before spiraling back into the brain. And as a result, hurtling the listener towards a two and three quarter minute journey into spaces unheralded.

What is more like an RnB tone and structure, Do What You Do eschews the traditional formats of RnB production. The track, an instrumental but more in line with traditional electronica. It’s a low-fi, bass-heavy track that chops the vocals into a mechanized voice surrounding the pitchy, computer-like effects, twisting and turning in kaleidoscopes of sound.

This is nothing like what you would hear on top 40 radio.

Get your time traveler’s boots on for this transcendental mindfuck of a video. Look at it this way: If Flying Lotus got dosed by SBTRKT at the zoo on the way to Low End Theory while an angel whispered in your ear, it would feel a little bit like this video.

Each section flounces towards the cochlea from different angles, akin to a vogue face-off, before colliding into colourful sparks that sparkle around the room, leaving the mind twisting and turning in kaleidoscopes of sound.

Lose yourself and your mind in the sounds of Aurora Dee Raynes!

RIYL: Erykah Badu, Flying Lotus

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