Plutonic Group Syncs :: Dragons in the MoMA by The TRP

Dragons in the MoMA

◈ Dragons in the MoMA ◈


We can’t give you much background on The Trp, the experimental soul group/person. They are as much of a mystery to us as they are to their die-hard fans! The Trp is hard to put in a box, just like their subject matter and sound. Then again, the same goes for their single, ‘Dragons in the MoMA‘.

The futuristic RnB creatives address that feeling of clumsiness when you’re in a fragile environment in the metaphorical song. What really sets ‘Dragons’ apart from some of their previous tracks, though, is the addition of vocals from Montreal’s Chacha.

They deliver smooth RnB soul on a shimmery silver platter enveloped with psychedelic touches. The track dives into a melodic ocean of distortion. Delicate, high-strung sounds are loosely wrapped around clipped male vocals, ethereal female backing vocals and moody, flavourful guitar licks.

All in all, though, this track is a strong, true-to-self, explorative debut that infuses R&B with just about as much psychedelia as it can handle.

Mysterious trio The Trp claims to “make music for kids in inter-dimensional travel,” and we’re inclined to believe them, especially because “Dragons in the MoMA” sounds like soul music in space.


RIYL: Frank Ocean, Kaytranada