Plutonic Group Syncs :: The Reads - Drowned (Lost At Sea)


≌ Drowned ≌

The Reads sound is a blend of the bands’ personalities, everyone adds to the ever-growing intricacies that create a unique mix of ambient-electro-folk-rock filled with waves of warm vibes for creative lyrics and melodies to ride on, drawing you into the understated but distinctive, heartfelt vocals of frontman Stuart Bennett.

As the mellow sound of ‘Drowned‘ drifts in we are immediately thrown into a sort of otherworldly vibe where nothing seems quite real. Dreamlike, the track builds with soaring cinematic strings, multi-layered harmonic backing vocals along with strummed acoustic and electric guitar hooks to a stately finish before closing out with the sound of children playing and the crunch of fallen leave, the screeching call of seagulls, the ebb and flow of rolling sea waves hitting the shore.

For The Reads, they will continue what they are doing and we have no doubt that 2019 will bring them further success.

RIYL: Elbow, Doves