Plutonic Group Syncs :: Paul Littlewood - Early Morning (Photographs EP)

Early Morning

▣ Early Morning ▣


Known across South Yorkshire for his raw, no-frills approach to recording, Paul Littlewood’s sound balances strength and fragility in good ratios.

Listening to ‘Early Morning‘ in a quiet room through a pair of headphones, it didn’t take long for the delicacies of the EP to bleed in. Although the composition is quite simple, Littlewood toys with various instrumental effects, building subtle layers over one another without taking away from the crystal clear vocals.

Early Morning‘ doesn’t lead to a grand crescendo, but instead focuses on the clarity of each lyric with a wash of haunting strings drifting beneath until the drum beat kicks in and we hear a more pop-rock side to the lo-fi aficionado.

RIYL: James Molina