Plutonic Group Syncs :: Ceasetone 'Egotopia'


ꈌ Egotopia ꈌ


Icelandic guitarist, composer and producer Hafsteinn Þráinsson, better known under his band name CeaseTone released the single “Egotopia”, closing out 2019 with everything we’ve came to love from CeaseTone: the song structure is as lush as it is layered, a little mystical and definitely highly mesmerizing!

Þráinsson’s desire to continue to experiment with his songwriting and sound continues, with ‘Egotopia‘ being very electronic based – a shift in direction given the way the band has always balanced their acoustic and electronic sounds.  ‘Egotopia‘ works spectacularly – with its complex woven web of sound, and unmistakeable textured synth melodies, swirling in, out and around indie lead male vocals backed by soaring, filtered backing vocals – closing with an anthemic wall of sound before quiet end.

For those who are new to the bands discography, please check out ‘CeaseTone‘s’ earlier material – maybe start with ‘Humble History Song’ or the gorgeous acoustic ‘Sight of Your Life’.