Plutonic Group Syncs :: Eight Miles High by The Postmarks (cover song)

Eight Miles High

☳ Eight Miles High (The Byrds Cover) ☳


The Postmarks specialize in ambient dream-pop in which there are no capital letters, only melancholy, so everything becomes lullaby-like no matter its source.  And this is no more truer than on their totally surprising overhaul of The Byrds “Eight Miles High” that turns the song into a Morricone-esque epic.

Their version, with a stylish Spaghetti Western intro, veers from a hazy tapestry of ethereal ambience, with the bands signature willowy female vocals, to a psychedelic-bolero that builds with whirling strings, bombastic drums, horns and Spanish guitars.

The instrumental conclusion is awe-inspiring…

Languid Tim Yehezkely sings like she’s dissolving into the mist; combined with the atmospheric thrall of the guitars and synths, approached Beach House’s barbiturate haze.

The array of songs the group has chosen to cover is quite eclectic and far reaching.  They hash out new versions of tunes by championed artists like Bowie, The Ramones, and The Byrds. Not a small feat. Not small at all.

Music fans will certainly recognize most, if not all, of By-the-Numbers. Hopefully, the project will inspire listeners to also dig into The Postmark’s original work, such as their excellent 2007 debut.

Any band that turns “Eight Miles High,” into an alluring Spaghetti Western piece deserves the extra attention.

RIYL: Ivy, Beach House, Softies, Camera Obscura