⊛ Einn ⊛


The musician Tómas Jónsson, who has performed extensively in the Icelandic music scene in recent years, may be best known as Ásgeir‘s piano and synth player. Yet his own collection, particularly the piece ‘Einn‘, showcases why Jónsson’s destined to break out from session musicianship.

His self-titled album opens with the track, “Einn” – the number ‘One’ in English.  Song number One, album number One and the songwriter who confidently stands and falls by his music – One. 

Einn,” sets the tone for what’s to come on Jónsson self titled album…

An intro of programmed rhythms – a bed of soft muted computer tones fill the piece before Jonsson’s stark acoustic piano notes enter the dance. A dreamy blend of 70’s synthesizers fuse with gentle ambient and organic environmental efx over moody atmospheric textures.

A mixture of melancholic shoegaze, and modern classical that not only relaxes, but also moves and delights. Ambiguous and diverse, yet expressive, which radiates peace and harmony.

If someone wants to get away or look for the beginning and get one alone with himself then it is possible in the music of Tómas Jónsson. ~ Magnús Þór Sigmundsson

Similarly, ‘Einn’, like the rest of the songs on the album, are simple and considerably melodic in structure. The integration of all of these sounds, both natural and compelling, where the main lies in the strength and beauty of the piano and keyboards of Tómas Jónsson.

So if you are looking for sounds that will move you on long winter evenings, Tómas Jónsson’s innovative and magical album is all you need.


RIYL: Olafur Arnalds, Sigur Rós