Plutonic Group Syncs :: Empty Calls Quiet by Levi Patel

Empty Calls Quiet

θ Empty Calls Quiet θ


Levi Patel explores rich textures, climactic soundscapes and intimate piano solos in his work.  The album, ‘Affinity’ captures both Levi’s depth and craft, with the artist working to create a cohesive collection of moving songs, including the track, ‘Empty Calls Quiet‘.

“I wanted Affinity to be a transportive experience in which each piece of music works as a combined force. Sequentially building in depth and feeling. Each track beautifully complements the others, beginning lightly, then delving into darkness.”

This close kinship with music is illustrated by the tangibly deep and emotional feeling to Patel’s work. It should come as no surprise that making music is a cathartic way of expressing and understanding his own emotions. Perhaps the most important factor is that his work doesn’t feel forced or orchestrated.

“I don’t often think about what I want to express before I do it,” he says “I tend to find that most of my favourite tracks that I write are kind of both uplifting and melancholic together.”

With wonderful piano playing, dynamic twist and melancholic nuances, this piece carries you away into the vastness of the atmosphere. ‘Empty Calls Quiet‘, the last to be penned for the album which, subsequently, became one of its most special.

“I felt that the album needed one more piece to tie it all together and this just flowed out in one evening, it came much easier than most of my writing. It’s one of the most special pieces to me because of that.”


RIYL: Olafur Arnalds