⌺ Fluffy ⌺


Curvy babes get the worship they deserve in this delicious, self-love-inspiring empowering ode to women of all sizes. Nottingham funk-n-soul artist, Harleighblu delivers a trance-inducing body-positive anthem with ‘Fluffy’.

A smooth future Soul/Funk track, ‘Fluffy‘ bathed in a late night hypnotic groove of chilled beats and deep sub with blissed-out keys and pulsating textures as Harleighblu’s smokey vocals weave around discordant, half-tempo sections.

On the positive side, the carnival-themed video deliberately celebrates the body-positivity single while it chides beauty industry standards and fatphobia.

Harleighblu‘s most recent sound collaborates elements of electro to an authentic soul based instrumentation. Her powerful vocals shine in front of a collection of piano and string arrangements. Her raw lyrics take a front seat in this one, thus making her unique voice all the more captivating.

Harleighblu wanted to write a song that empowered women. A song about curvy, fluffy, beautiful women in all their glory. Of course, all sizes are beautiful but only one size receives global recognization. The beauty industry, in particular remain biased towards that size.

My weight fluctuates, which is healthy and normal in my eyes. Sometimes I’m Fluffy, sometimes I’m a little slimmer depending! ~ Harleighblu Low

For this reason, Harleighblu believes we should celebrate all sizes… that bigger women be represented more within the beauty industry.

Fluffy‘, a romantic song whose lyrics speak of a man absolutely adoring his woman. He celebrates and praises her and her curves. “Telling her she is attractive, sexy and he more than loves her… just the way she is.”

A singer with a magnetic voice, Harleighblu is markedly one of the most talented artists in the new British electro-soul scene!

RIYL: Jill Scott, Conya Doss, Angie Stone