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Follow U

⌯ Follow U ⌯


Harleighblu again showcases her adroitly diverse conceptualization. The brilliantly realized execution of her fearless creative vision shines bright on ‘Follow U‘. A potent mix of galactically-hued electronic accents, deep grooves and soulfully swaggering vocals

An eclectic beat explorer, Harleighblu’s infectious signature sound intricately layers up soul and innately hip-hop infected beats.  Though in this case on, ‘Follow U‘, she takes things slightly more towards the club scene with considerable aplomb.

Futuristic dance floor beats packed with a jazzy hypnotic groove set the tone for this funky, soulful house anthem.

The vocals from Harleighblu, smokey sweet in their delivery. They hover over pulsating textures and dub-like deep wobbly bass. In the meantime, Harleighblu weaves a tale of cultivating a new relationship via social media!

Since introduced in 2013, she has propelled herself from a local level up into the ranks of the UK’s most promising artist. She has her own voice, indeed.

She takes a very personal path marked by soul music boosted by hip-hop and the codes of the electro scene.

Harleighblu’s ‘3:AM’ EP release saw her exploring new territories and collaborating with forward-looking electronic producers.

With an artistic vision, the Nottingham-native gazes out into the far reaches of music’s ever expanding creative horizon. Harleighblu, in effect continues to chart a dazzling, genre-defying musical path, all her own.

As has been noted, blessed with an intuitively soulful voice, Harleighblu positively smolders with jazzy nonchalance.

Her sultry vocal delivery and uninhibited phrasing provide the alluring centerpiece on ‘Follow U‘. A sonic sensibility, expressly distinctive in its aural magnetism.

Harleighblu‘s ‘3:AM’ EP perfectly encapsulates the breath-taking appeal of her boldly articulated artistic vision. And ‘Follow U‘ adds another stunning musical marker placed on her ever-evolving journey towards sounds unknown.

If you’re after the latest neo soul sensation, then look no further…


RIYL: Crystal Waters, Erykah Badu x AlunaGeorge

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