Plutonic Group Syncs :: For Better Or Worse by The Postmarks (song)

For Better Or Worse?

▒ For Better… Or Worse? ▒


The Postmarks are darn good at writing, playing, arranging, and producing atmospheric film music. They liven it up on their seventh track — For Better Or Worse? It is the album’s, “Memoirs at the End of the World“, most driven track laced with traces of punk. It contains twisted aphotic electronic effects, dramatic drums, and, ironically, very uplifting lyrics.

For Better Or Worse‘ is almost pure nineties pop. Orchestrated with the tension of a film thriller chase sequence, complete with a rumbling tympani overdubs. The accented finale, carried by cinematic spy-flick strings, punchy harpsichord and piano keys, guitar and bass surrounding a multi-tracked vocal that is used to good effect and an infectious, upbeat chorus makes use of a sixties horn arrangement.

They’ve obviously absorbed lots of classic scores and studied great composers like Henry Mancini, John Barry, Lalo Schifrin, and Roy Budd. The music they’ve created here is clearly in debt to the sounds those men made, but remains a Postmarks product due to one simple fact: none of the aforementioned composers could have written pop songs as breezy and nonchalant as those found on Memoirs.

The Postmarks encapsulate both past and present with For Better or Worse? which evokes the perfect mood for a classic French heist chase and even features an exquisite brass section.


RIYL: St Etienne, Belle & Sebastian, Garage