'Ghost Club' by Birdengine

Ghost Club

☲ Ghost Club ☲


Birdengine is the musical project of Lawry Joseph Tilbury, whose unique music has been described by Stylus Magazine as, ‘the first relevant work of freak folktronica’, while lyrically, Tilbury’s imagery engages with the idea of not quite belonging to society and the senses of alienation that accompany feeling as though you are an outsider.

Which is exactly what you’ll hear and feel in his track, ‘Ghost Club‘ – sparse dark acoustic folk with its toy box introduction and eerie air resemble a parched gothic lament from a freakishly surreal netherworld. Violin and cello slide and sway as though on castors while a mournful Spanish guitar and expressionistic lyrics highlight the Tilbury’s slightly strange, falsetto vocals.

The album, ‘The Crooked Mile’, has a dream-like quality to it, almost like the music and especially Tilbury’s ominous timbre, is leaking through from another world. His vocals are something of an acquired taste and certainly won’t appeal to everyone at the first listen, but the more one listens to each track, the more one realises how well-suited his delivery is to the material. Unlike many of today’s musicians, there is a definite Birdengine sound which runs through the material providing an artery of cohesion even when two or more disparate songs are juxtaposed.

This is an unsettling album, but a hugely enjoyable one.

“genuinely unnerving strangeness” –  THE QUIETUS


RIYL: Tom Waits,Thomas Truax