Plutonic Group Syncs :: Go Jetsetter by The Postmarks

Go Jetsetter

◈ Go Jetsetter ◈


The Postmarks front woman, Yehezkely, penned ‘Go Jetsetter’, a vampy piece that seems to flow with more oomph, confidence, and edge. An irresistibly catchy, soulful treasure box single will make you smile in only a way really sugary candy can.

Sophisticated indie pop, with a strong upbeat Bacharach/Brian Wilson feel.. a blend of classic British and vintage French that drips with pop ennui. Very Camera-Obscura-esque.

Go Jetsetter’ goes for broke with its sixties soul beat driving the melody.  Tim’s vocals add a summery air while the addition of brass sounds help to reinforce the retro feel.  Then there’s Yehezkely who sounds like she’s singing over the land line on an antique telephone. The timpani and a clever harpsichord middle section to compliment some indie pop goodness!

And let’s not forget the group’s talent for transporting hooks, as the breezy “Go Jetsetter”  makes amply clear.

Given the Postmarks’ trademark multi-instrumental arrangements and vintage sound, it still retains a tongue-in-cheek look at the pursuit of material pleasures, imagining a Thelma & Louise style getaway.

Go Jetsetter‘ –  an almost perfect example of the kind of pop The Postmarks produce during their more upbeat moments.

For this one, try driving top-down, carefree along the freeway…


RIYL: St. Etienne, Ivy, The Divine Comedy, Camera Obscura