Plutonic Group Syncs :: The Reads - Good Omens (Stories From The Border)

Good Omens

︽ Good Omens ︽


If you harken back to those early days when Coldplay produced music that was so enjoyable and didn’t sound like they’d sold-out to the labels, then The Reads are what you want.

Opener ‘Good Omens‘ alt-folk doused in ambient rock then squeezed through an electronic mangle, sets the tone for the album, ‘Stories From The Border’ as it slowly builds in layers before bursting into an anthemic string and electric assault. 

Right from the first note of ‘Good Omens‘ you know that this album is going to be one of those that you will keep coming back and listening to, it’s soothing on the mind and the ears, something which you don’t really get these days.

RIYL: Coldplay, Snow Patrol