Plutonic Group Syncs :: He's Frank (Slight Return) ft. Iggy Pop by The BPA (band

He’s Frank (Slight Return)

ꆜ He’s Frank (Slight Return) ꆜ


Plainly, no LP that opens with Iggy Pop drawling “He’s got secular joy / he’s a peculiar boy” on a cover of The Monochrome Set’s ‘He’s Frank (Slight Return)‘ can possibly be bad, and the first half turns out to be not only nearly all killer, but also pleasingly spiky and deranged.

The Brighton Port Authority was a Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) project in the late naughts. Cook found yet one more way to gather world-class musical weirdos around him. Pulling icons and emerging artist to collaborate on the creation of funky, hooky, wave-your-hands-in-the-air dance pop!

And suddenly, the album, ‘I Think We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat’, became more than just a concept..

Cook being Cook though, kept the fun under pressure. There’s a sense of impending explosion energizing Iggy Pop’s “He’s Frank (Slight Return)”

The album’s strongest track is also a cover. ‘He’s Frank (Slight Return)’, originally by the Monochrome Set, appears here with a funkier bassline, abundant handclaps. This sees Iggy do his deep-macho-voiced Iggy thing with a sparky dance-friendly backing. Thus making an enjoyable kick-start to the album.

Think The Hives with 60s rock/pop groove, a fatback drum beat, backed by tambourine and rock-steady guitars, markedly giving the track some soul.

The track shows just how much fun Norman Cook can have with his music. Iggy Pop’s narration,  is a highlight!


RIYL: The Hives