Plutonic Group Syncs :: Easy Kill - How To Talk (Exit Laughing) Single

How To Talk (Exit Laughing)

ø How To Talk (Exit Laughing) ø

Based out of Manchester’s thick miasmic gloom, Easy Kill describe their music as doom-pop; a sort of melancholy made catchy. The narrative arc of their new sublimely maudlin ‘Melanscholar’ album concerns itself with a character left in limbo betwixt here and the afterlife, the ghost lost in the machine.

Moody, introspective, ‘How To Talk (Exit Laughing)‘, an electro-laden pop track that falls somewhere between Future Islands and Foals. It’s lonely atmosphere with dreamlike repetition, is an alluring, spectral synthetic layered composition. Breezy, National-channelling balladry with quiet thoughtful lulls and sparkling lead guitar melodies

Using more atmospheric, warm and electronic sounds than before, Easy Kill seek to immerse the listener in the unworldly landscape their ghost inhabits.

RIYL: Radiohead, Future Islands, Sigur Ros, Foals