❂ I Know ❂


Trumpets of Consciousness invites you on a transcendental voyage in search of Wilson, Lennon or Young. And with bonus track, I Know‘, ToC present a cacophonous romp of wild colours. with its rural psychedelism and progressive rock feel take us into a hedonistic aural display of art pop.

‘I Know’, a slow building late ’60s early ’70s inspired psychedelic folk piece with trippy textures, spaced out reverb-drenched guitars. Fuzzed-out riffs and building drums lay beneath a kaleidoscopic melange of soaring lead and harmonic backing vocals. The track closes out with developing ethereal tones and hazy washes. Wailing guitars and pounding drums ascend to an epically deep, powerful wall of sound.

Immediately, within the first few seconds of listening, you’ll know that this record will stay in your head for a long time, indeed.

It’s no secret that the band sources inspiration from, for example the likes of 60s pop greats like Brian Wilson and John Lennon; however, the band offers much more than just a rehash of a classic sound. Trumpets of Consciousness builds on top of the foundation left by those icons, crafting something modern, fresh, playful, and sincere.

On the cover of the Trumpets of Consciousness self-titled debut album, we see Thibauld Labey on a horse. A kind of Don Quixote of pop folk. Like a troubadour riding a psychedelic horse emancipated from obstacles, in search of the perfect pop song!

This album, therefore is a truly brilliant medley of the very best of French pop. So what in the world are you waiting for to discover this pure jewel?


RIYL: Neil Young, Flaming Lips