〣 Expectations 〣

Visually, they seem straight out of the ’70s but musically these Toulousans, I Me Mine, offer perfect melodies for 2018 and beyond.

Alongside Hervé Salters of the General Elektrics group, I Me Mine proudly introduces us to pure auditory happiness with their single “Expectations — a real gem of harmonic simplicity concealing subtle and beautiful details.

Plutonic Group :: I Me Mine ~ ExpectationsWhile the initial whistles set the tone of a catchy composition, the following rock’n’roll rhythms continue with an exquisite sense of pleasure. Riffs from powerful guitars, playful synths, driving choruses & rich vocal harmonies over catchy pop-rock rhythm tinged with psychedelic echoes imprint themselves in our minds, quickly encouraging us to hum along!

This colourful piece is one of the most memorable of the album and can be heard as a summer stroll. Tenderness, nonchalance and freedom describe the 3 minutes of listening to this wave of energy.

“Expectations” shows us a more peaceful but still vivid and lively side of the unpredictable I Me Mine. It is a wonderful introduction to what promises to be a reference record, which we’re sure you’ll discover with both wonder and pleasure.