╏ Feel ╏


With rhythmic catchy, pop sounds, Rhodes and analogue synths, the trio I Me Mine, takes us into a psychedelic atmosphere on the Ellipsis album closer, “Feel“.

PGS :: I Me Mine DrumsOn the second half of the album the mood shifts, markedly, to a more sombre tone.  The trio drives the point home with the closer, “Feel.” A deeper song, constructed in a more classic rock style and tone.

Feel’ opens with an acoustic strum — it could almost be The Verve, wonderfully moody with a stunningly arranged backdrop. It even breaks out into a Radiohead Ok Computer wannabe.

Dressed with swirling crescendos and brilliant vocal harmonies – the emphasis perfectly mastered and, once again, very beautiful arranged.

The inventive and tormented opus turns, again and again, leaving us suspended without understanding where we are or how we feel.

So, yeah, we can scour the internet and read everything about I Me Mine. Or we can just close our eyes and shut up; let the imprint of a force of musical nature pass through our veins and neurons, and enjoy pure ecstasy.

“Ellipsis” is a masterpiece, it’s a fact; but above all, it’s clear evidence that the harmonic intelligence has not completely disappeared. And to say that, is good nowadays.


RIYL: The Verve, The Beatles, Radiohead