Plutonic Group Syncs :: Raise Them Up by I Me Mine (Ellipsis Album)

Raise Them Up

⇪ Raise Them Up ⇪


You’ll find yourself transfigured by the progressive beauty of “Raise Them Up” by the French-trio, I Me Mine. This piece guides us to familiar pop melodies reminiscent of Massive Attack, enriched by a passage of Afrobeats, evoking the Foals.

With the French Trio’s second album “Ellipsis” (2018), I Me Mine continued its evolution with more contemporary yet personal sounds; and in our opinion, the perfect soundtrack of a coming of age film, multiplying colourful and playful shots.

From the first chord of the album, we find the signature I Me Mine mixing polyphonies; three voices and a keyboard Wurlitzer doused with a high dose of energy.

Plutonic Group :: I Me Mine ‘Raise Them Up’, opens with a simple piano chord tinged with melancholic touches. The slow tempo and bass encompass the listener in a sonorous cocoon. Strikingly, the influence of John Lennon’s New York period glides through the prism of Tame Impala. The piece then forks on a few guitar chords before building to an anthemic chorus of harmonic vocals and plucky, driving percussion to a quiet end, with smashing effect.

Those older references spring out. At times you hear Supertramp, 10CC, mid 80’s Sparks; but you also can relate it to more modern masters like Tame Impala and Ooberon. The lack of guitar doesn’t matter, because you become consumed in the melody and arrangements.

True electro magicians, the trio takes us to a new dimension on ‘Raise Them Up’ that reminds us MGMT in this debauch of sound. This multiplication of parts all the more whimsical than the other but still melodic.

The trio takes us into a psychedelic atmosphere with catchy rhythms, pop sounds, analog synths, and kaleidoscope atmospheres. 


RIYL: Foals x Massive Attack x MGMT x Tame Impala