Plutonic Group Syncs :: I Me Mine - The Sun Behind The Cloud

The Sun Behind The Cloud

⊛ The Sun Behind The Cloud ⊛


From the first piano notes of “The Sun Behind the Cloud” (very Supertramp), I Me Mine‘s love for dynamic and enthusiastic sixties and seventies pop emerges…

Plutonic Group Syncs :: The Sun Behind The Clouds by I Me Mine (photo)On “The Sun Behind the Cloud“, we find all the magic of this crazy group who wants to make pop-folk dotted with electronic keys while simultaneously pretending to be Queen or a rock group in love with sound blasts.

When asked where they come from, I Me Mine describe themselves as survivors of old formations. “We are united by one passion: that of making music our job”

The 3 stooges mock the codes of the musical genre by offering songs inspired by Supertramp, Tame Impala, or The Prodigy among others, while adding their personal touch. It’s Rock, it’s pop!

The Toulouse-based artists landed with their self-titled first album in 2015. The self-titled album condensed all of their aspirations in a large disc of unpredictable psychedelic pop.

I Me Mine are children of an imaginative approach to Pop material of a Beatlesian style. A revisitation that implements the psychedelia of the sixties with indomitable Garage-Rock spirit and electronic raids.

Alternating between waves of psychedelic melodies and percussive choruses – rich in both vocal harmonies and analogue synths – ‘The Sun Behind The Cloud’ climaxes with a massive Beatle-esque build. It goes in all directions, in a good sense of the word.

Not everyone has the ability to swing a stoner riff in the middle of a pop song; and it’s nice to see a group hitting from all sides without losing their identity.

I Me Mine offers you precious minutes of timeless travel. Jump aboard this melodic roller coaster to a bright and shimmering elsewhere. Fasten your seatbelts!


RIYL: Supertramp x The Beatles

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