The Sun Part II

▒ The Sun, Part II ▒

I ME MINE was formed in Toulouse a few years ago with the idea of putting on a band capable of combining the love for the beat of the ’60s (note the moniker inspired by the famous last song recorded by The Beatles, just’ Me Mine ‘), the electronic synths of the Prodigy and the charge of the Anglo-Saxon indie bands on the style of Kasabian, Maximo Park and the Fratellis.

The highlight from their self-titled debut album, however, comes with ” The Sun, Pt. 2 ” – like a marriage between Pink Floyd and Prodigy in a dreamlike delirium.

These boys are at the forefront of the current 60’s pop scene while playing with genre codes. Alternating electro passages and psychedelic waves rich in vocal harmonies, the three musicians display their strange universe where Syd Barrett clinks with Orange Alex Mechanical.

I Me Mine recorded an impressive album full of attitude, marked by powerful bass turns, tight rhythms and digital assaults.