Plutonic Group Syncs :: Raise Them Up by I Me Mine (Ellipsis Album)

I Me Mine

The reference to the title of the Beatles published in 1970 on Let It Be sounds rather obvious. But behind this musical wink hides a promising French trio. I Me Mine was consecrated with their first album in 2015 which earned them a long tour of more than 200 dates across France

Three years after their first self-titled album, the Toulousains return with ten new titles with their second opus entitled, “Ellipsis”.

After listening to each track,  it’s as if Supertramp, Electric Light Orchestra and had sex with Queen and the Beatles. In short, the result is an indie-pop-rock- psyche with British references assumed. But all these influences are digested and not copied. It must be said at first listen that it sounds like good sixties pop with a lead voice, licked melodies and sometimes John Lennon

Ellipsis is an album that sounds like a Sofia Coppola movie soundtrack. One can emphasize a remarkable work on the sound, the arrangements and in particular the harmonies in other vocal. Their mix of electro-pop and indie pop continues to work wonders and An even more pop vision, still immersive and powerful..

A great album that makes you want to discover and follow the continuation of the adventure of this group more than promising!