Plutonic Group Syncs :: If You Wanted by Landscape (Band)

If You Wanted

❖ If You Wanted ❖


The atmospheric group par excellence, Landscape knows how to broaden its horizon, as proven by the awe-inspiring track, ‘If You Wanted’!

In typical post-rock fashion, several of their songs begin as a barren piece. Each slowly evolving into a more, thus elaborate picture through instrumental build-ups and intensified proportions.

While countless numbers of bands take a similar route, Landscape provides a fresh introspective with their classical music influences and contemporary likenesses. ‘If You Wanted‘ doesn’t erupt or burst into high volumes in the midst to establish a new tone of intensity. Instead, they fulfill their intended purpose by letting the beauty of vocal and instrumental musical progression speak volumes.

A breath of melancholy hangs over the cinematographic and gently tormented piece, set against the backdrop of distant and isolated landscapes.

An endless desire for space, markedly, filled with the captivating vocals of Nicolas Leroux…

We remain suspended from the beauty of this voice. A little veiled, a little hoarse, so sharp, yet subtly foggy and warm, but nonetheless, bewitching. As they progress the voice does wonders, served by elegant and omnipresent percussive rhythms.  A beautiful relief of spacey, swirling synths build gently over hypnotic tribal drums. The guitars, expressly, set back to highlight the more pop bass-drums playing..

As a result, it’s more homogeneous, with an airy atmosphere characterizing the charm of the music of Landscape.

From the first notes, we are caught in this enveloping universe and the more we advance the more it becomes difficult to tear ourselves away from it.


RIYL: Radiohead, Syd Matters, Overheard