╿In Dreams ╿


‘In Dreams,’ for one thing is a lullaby for a solitary heart who dreams of being pierced by an arrow; and Tomemitsu hits the mark with this hazy, woozy, wave of a song. Filled with longing and the kind of subdued, hypnotic rhythm that sparks all sorts of emotional fireworks.

A properly bedroom lo-fi type of tune features a dreamy blend of acoustic/electric guitars and intimately whispered lyrics. Enhanced with a deeply melancholic and hazy feel that’ll make you hit repeat button way too many times. And the lyrics, guys, the lyrics!

The combination of repetitive melody, complete with layered vocals on top of a thick, warm guitar is intoxicating.  Both catchy and comforting, the refrain “when I look around my heart” makes the song feel familiar through repetition, in essence causing you to lose yourself in the flow.

Echoes from an immense twilight zone, somewhere between Elliott Smith and Dirty Beaches make this the perfect daydreaming soundtrack, similar to when you just stare out of the window and float.

Tomemitsu voice is a balm, the throbbing rhythm, notably a comforting caress that turns us upside down.

RIYL: Happyness, hyTyler Burkhart, Fog Lake, Kate Teague, Julien Tang, Mac DeMarco,