☎ Josie Called Again ☎


Trumpets of Consciousness charm us with light English pop. Except that Trumpets of Consciousness are a French group from Lyon, to be more precise. Trumpets of Consciousness returned in 2019 to present their new psychedelic jewel, ‘Josie Called Again’, tinged with soft rock and progressive accents of solid gold.

It’s been a few years since Thibauld Labey walked quietly to the sacred doors of pop. The doors that others before him had taken care to leave wide open –  like the Beatles, Air or Brian Wilson. And now, surrounded by five musicians, the project of Thibauld, Trumpets of Consciousness, can not be more consistent.

And after listening to ‘ Approximate’, the second album of the Lyon group, the choice is well justified.

Set in a hazy psychedelic atmosphere, we find ‘Josie Called Again‘ doused in 60s nuances. Offset by spacey reverby-guitars and a warm Rhodes organ, the melodies become entwined with soft rock and progressive accents. All of a sudden, closing out the track, changes in the key and tempo twist the track into a cacophony of 70s prog rock sounds.

This album, on the whole is full of beautiful melodies, which the sextet develop and expand upon each track. Centered around women ( Stéphanie Saturday, Annie Anytime, A Word From Isabelle), the album is a joyful pop maelstrom. Summoning both the Beach Boys and Stereolab, this racy pop piece comes dressed in beautifully romantic and baroque attire.

If we add to that the chiseled and lascivious melodies of Labey’s compositions as well as the brilliant psychedelic riffs that merge with them, then Trumpets of Consciousness are on the verge of reaching the ultimate achievement!


RIYL: Brian Wilson, Stone Temple Pilots, Big Star, Tame Impala, Air