Plutonic Group Syncs :: Keep It Whole by Anna-Mieke

Keep It Whole

☲ Keep It Whole ☲


Anna-Mieke, an Irish folk artist who has quietly been developing her craft. Nowhere is this more evident than her recent song ‘Keep It Whole’.

Keep It Whole‘ at first appears to be taking a more minimal direction, but Mieke’s carefully placed harmonies flow effortlessly over a subtle instrumental build. One reason this album works so well is that most of its songs also allow space for the quality of the musicianship to come through.

Keep it whole, Keep it sacred..Keep it pure among the wasted,”

..the Cork-based artist sings with lilting finger-plucked guitar pickings with shades of traditional Irish music and hushed background vocals.

In Anna-Mieke words.. “‘Keep It Whole’ was originally a response to some of the themes in the novel The Time Traveller’s Wife. But the meaning has now evolved and now, for me at least, the song represents, in some ways, a kind of criticism towards humans’ constant need to take, to use, to benefit from, to strip away; and a wish that places be left as they are, intact.

I recorded the track on one freezing December day in west Cork, with engineer Nick Rayner. I wanted an expansive, spacious sound to grow near the end of the song; the sound of moving through a wide landscape perhaps.”

After recording voice, electric guitar and bouzouki, we added more space by recording layers of cello harmonics, synth, more guitar, some occasional hammer dulcimer and humming. The humming was an important element – for me, humming feels very nostalgic and enveloping.”

Anna-Mieke‘s command of the genre clearly suggests the dawning of a new talent, indeed.


RIYL: Delores O’Riordan, Marissa Nadler