Plutonic Group Syncs :: Go West - King of Wishful Thinking (1992)

King of Wishful Thinking

✪ King of Wishful Thinking ✪

This Brit Award-winning band was formed in 1982 by Peter Cox and Richard Drummie, who went on to have huge commercial success and established themselves as one of the most successful singer/songwriter duos of the 80s.

Go West’s biggest hit, ‘King of Wishful Thinking‘. bouncy rhythm belies the heartbreak in its lyrics – the singer has lost his girl and is in a state of willful denial, consciously telling himself that even though he is torn up inside, he is going to tell himself that everything will be fine, thus making him the king of wishful thinking.

Heavily 80s influenced, this is a re-record of their 90s upbeat synth-pop tune with driving drums & eyeliner. Uplifting feel-good electro-pop with a tight horn section, male vocals, a cool bass line and authentic vintage synths.

Instrumentals Available…

RIYL: Level 42, T’Pau, Kajagoogoo