Plutonic Group Syncs :: Kranen by Chimes & Bells


⌘ Kranen ⌘


Chimes & Bells paint dark art-rock tones on their track, ‘Kranen‘. A one-of-a-kind and stylish piece, in which Trier’s vocals markedly light up. Her warmly laid back, sometimes mildly dragging yet always beautifully modeled voice lulls you into a trance…

Their official, self-titled debut album emerged after the introductory EP, “Into Pieces Of Wood”. The 4-track collection, successfully released in ‘09, consequently secured ever-growing recognition and positive-reception.

Debut-comparisons reference the likes of ‘Tame Impala’ (Innerspeaker), with a refined calibre of uncategorical style and technique.

A bluesy-psychedelic atmosphere on ‘Kranen’ reeks of solitude, of late-night wanderings through the underground; a manifesto of the shadow. While the bands’ unique flavour remains unvarying – it is not enough to impact its individuality.

The dominance of Trier on vocals, in tandem with an unyielding combination of jangly guitar-Ray Manzarek-esque organ duets, manifests throughout.

Lyrically, the predominantly distorted words wade in a thick haze of synths. At the same time, multi-layered, echoed harmonies emit a resonant airiness.

The electro-acoustical harmonies flow effortlessly together. Trier begins to recline. And almost majestically, her fascinating voice holds not only a cool edge but also a soft warmth. The pace – slow, searching. The atmosphere – dreamy, spherical.

A cacophony of reverb-drenched, kaleidoscopic guitar riffs builds and swirls, mixed together with acid synths, cello, percussion; draped behind epic powerful notes, in essence the basis of the song’s emotional anxiety.


RIYL: Cocteau Twins, The Doors, Interpol, Florence Welsh, Choir of Young Believers