≑ Kúrekalag ≑


Tómas Jónsson  has created an innovative and magical album of remarkable compositions. You’ll be captivated by their unconventional arrangements. Each piece attracts attention with their original motifs and mesmerize with a moody atmosphere. Speaking of moody, the track, ‘Kúrekalag’ feels all so comfortably familiar.

But at the same time not.

Batches of fuzzy guitars and surprisingly, a blast of Mexican mariachi horns make for something a bit unusual but quite emotionally moving, nonetheless. 

Though decidedly different from the other offerings on the album, ‘Kúrekalag’ fits perfectly with everything else.  The integration of this track, overall, sounds normal, even convincing; a key source of the strength behind Jónsson brilliant debut album 

Darkly romantic, ‘Kúrekalag’ features a twangy tremolo guitar melody enhanced by a 70’s synthesiser. Enveloped in a haze of ambient washes, the piece takes on a slightly sombre tone. Tinged with eerie metallic textures, ethereal chants and mariachi trumpets seemingly straight out of an Ennio Morricone film score fill out the composition; thoughtfully and delicately placed inside this dreamy, atmospheric blend of languid and expressive multi-instrumentation.

Jónsson reveals ambient music as more than just blurred spots of meaningless sounds. ‘Kúrekalag’ is simply beautiful.  It not only relaxes but also exudes calmness and harmony.


RIYL: Angelo Badalamenti x Sigur Ros