Plutonic Group :: Tómas JónssonTómas Jónsson has created an album of unique songs that are interesting with their unusual arrangements, attracting attention with original motifs and mesmerizing with a moody atmosphere.

Speaking of moody, the track, “Kúrekalag” — feels all so comfortably familiar- but at the same time not with batches of fuzzy pastel guitars, and a Mexican mariachi blast straight out of Ennio Morricone film score. Though decidedly different from the other offerings on the album, “Kúrekalag” fits perfectly with everything else.  The integration of this track, overall, sounds normal, even convincing and is the main strength behind Jónsson brilliant debut album.  

A dreamy, atmospheric blend of a slow, darkly romantic and twangy tremolo guitar melody accompanied by 70’s synthesiser enveloped in gentle ambient washes tinged with eerie textures, ethereal ‘ahh’ chant @1’43 & 4’10 and mariachi trumpets @4’53.

“Kúrekalag” is simply beautiful. It not only relaxes but also moves and delights. This is a piece of good and valuable ambient, ambiguous and diverse, yet expressive, which exudes calmness and harmony.

RIYL: Angelo Badalamenti x Sigur Ros