♣ Let Down Let Flow ♣


Thibauld Labey draws us into his universe. A world where rich, melodic orchestrations are enveloped in a kind of general and pleasant nostalgia. He cleverly mixes modern sounds alongside 60s psychedelic melodies and folk poetry on the piano and guitar.  A cross between the ghosts of Procol Harum and John Lennon, on the track, ‘Let Down Let Flow‘.

Labey and his troubadours dive headfirst into a 13th Floor Elevator-esque psychedelics on ‘Let Down Let Flow’. The touching guitar solo, together with solid aerial vocals, climax into an explosion of kaleidoscopic colours.

Constructed by Labey, Trumpets of Consciousness, in a word resemble the pop of the Doors well-known hippie lizard king.

There’s always a new melodic theme to discover within the compositions. Hidden in the bottom of the headphones under another melody.  Multi-layered with a wide range of instruments, mysterious electronic and spatial sounds twist and weave themselves into the mix.

Significantly, Trumpets of Consciousness brilliantly uphold the concept of 5* pop imagined by the likes of The Band or The Beatles.

In-between elegant psychedelics, quivering sixties-like melodies and high-end folk poetry, Labey takes us on a vintage journey through the pop landscapes of the greats. A colourful trip exquisitely illustrated by the art-work of David Sala, in effect gives us a hedonistic vision of the art of pop-music.


RIYL: John Lennon, The Band, Brian Wilson, Big Star