Plutonic Group Syncs :: Octavio Mai - Light & Shadow (2017)

Light & Shadow

↻ Light & Shadow ↺


French electro act Octavio Mai comprises of Juliette Bazenet and Johan Putet, and between the two of them, they fashion an enticing slice of moodily ethereal electronica on their track Light & Shadow.

There’s a very much a Francophone air about the track, with its wry take on hip hop and electronica, balancing emotional warmth and studied distance with precise care. Electro-folk tones and languid notes on instruments blend perfectly with sensual and melancholy female vocals. A minimalist and gliding blend of electronic elements with melancholy pop and folk melodies that take us back to the basics without any frills.

The lyrics are deep and personal, as if in tribute to the great chanson tradition, but with the lyrics being in English and the arrangement having a very left field, beat-driven modern feel, Light & Shadow lives very much in the present.

RIYL: London Grammar, Lana Del Rey via Oh Land, Aurora