⇑ Lo-Fi ⇑

CeaseTone strongly defies classifications. Their intriguing music is a combination of various threads from the borderline of indie rock, alternative and progressive rock, folk, post-rock, shoegaze, dream / chamber-pop and electronic components.  

“Lo-Fi” is a song that also offers an amazing development. Haffi’s reverberating vocals ascend towards a furious finish dominated by high pitched electronic guitar sounds.

The tracks’ hushed intro moves to a startlingly intense and evocative section with quiet, intimate fragments. Complex and multilayered with soaring male vocals, shimmering guitars, dramatic strings, textured keys and insistent drum parts that build @1’42 creating an exotic, explosive soundscape with an undercurrent of post-rock.


RIYL: Foo Fighters, Monotown, Árstíðir