Plutonic Group Syncs :: Local Town by The BPA (band)

Local Town

【 Local Town 】


The BPA, or Brighton Port Authority, is the pseudonym for Norman Cook and Simon Thornton’s jokey little project about a fictional band from the Seventies whose recordings include Jamie T’s rendition of ‘Local Town’.

On 2009’s “I Think We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat,” his first full-length outing as the BPA, Norman Cook, best known as Fatboy Slim, sails in familiar waters. offering up peppy electro-pop with plenty of guest stars on board.

Jamie T, most notably takes things somewhere new with his rendition of “Local Town“. His south London brawl seems to have metamorphosized into a ‘Stars In Their Eyes‘ version of Pete Doherty.

A crazily careening, fuzz bass-driven foot-stomper with a Clash-y punk-funk groove, animated vocal and drums brimming with energy throughout that sound-checks New Order.

The track imports a slinky Brit-punk fervor with its dominant bass and clicking percussion with a Killers-esque vocal from Jamie. That’s not quite right. There’s a bit of something else in his voice… Maximo Park and… Cajun Dance Party!

“I Think We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat,” started 2009 with a bang, with most songs being very catchy and above average in terms of melodies and quirky, funny, memorable lyrics.

The BPA are great… and nothing can dissuade us from shouting otherwise. Cook knows how to sequence songs to work a crowd, and Bigger Boat flows like a mofo


RIYL: John Lydon, Pete Doherty, The Clash