Plutonic Group Syncs :: Long Gone by Cosmic Fields (band)

Long Gone (Radio Edit)

↶ Long Gone ↷


Psychedelic reverberations, abstract pop, funk and progressive-style grooves are the elements of the sound mixture at the base of Cosmic Fields. “Shangri-La”, their second album, put on point from the young Geneva combo, features the retro-tinged piece, ‘Long Gone’!

Nostalgic guitar driven indie, ‘Long Gone‘ features the bands signature reverb-drenched guitars and dubby drums. Riviera’s introspective vocal hovers above the light trippy melodies, coupled with his jangly lead guitar, with Bui on sparkling keyboards.

Cosmic Field combine their dominant hallucinogenic vibe with abstract melodies and progressive grooves. The lads immerse themselves in a colorful sea of ​​chorus-prog-art-pop. Slowly revealing, ‘Long Gone‘ as the track oscillates between naive melodies, like a generic landscape by Hayao Miyazaki.

It’s not so much the nostalgia of a bygone era that Cosmic Field seek to transmit. But rather, the satisfaction of the very real one of today.

Three outlanders explore distant horizons, through lunar but recognizable melodies.  They embrace the kaleidoscopic sounds of their ancestors. Merging these elements with those of today, in order to create melodies that everyone can relate to.

The contemporary scene around the world, representative of the time passing slowly, sunny days that pass peacefully one after the other, this is what music can make you think of.

The group from Geneva deliver with ‘Long Gone’. They invite the listener to dive in the aquarium of Prog Art Pop, supplemented by candid and dreamy reflections, full of vaporous memories. You don’t need to take a pill to find meaning in the compositions, rather this light prog pop is quickly grasped and loved.


RIYL: Tame Impala, Kevin Parker, Todd Rundgren, Neu, Haruomi Hosono