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The Look Of Love

ღ The Look Of Love ღ



We are proud to represent the master rights of the ABC smash hit, The Look of Love for sync placement opportunities. This is the original recording of which the band own the masters.

Few tracks evoke the spirit of 1982 as vividly as ABC’s ‘The Look Of Love’. In an era of post-punk synth-poppers, the Sheffield group — guided by high-concept producer Trevor Horn — managed to create a widescreen sound.

The album for which ABC and Fry are best remembered is still considered a classic. The Lexicon of Love, released in 1982, is one of the defining albums of 1980s pop. Produced to within an inch of its life by Trevor Horn (“most producers look in terms of limitations,” says Fry. “Horn looked in terms of possibilities”). The album mixed slick, crease-sharp pop music with Fry’s anxiety-ridden lyrics about illusions of beauty and  improbability of love.

Horn, uniquely, blended Nile Rodgers’ and Bernard Edwards’ immaculate productions for Chic with Nelson Riddle’s dramatic orchestrations for Frank Sinatra..

Band and producer Trevor Horn gelled immediately when they met to record The Look of Love : Horn described Fry’s songs as “like disco, but in a Bob Dylan way”. Dance music had rarely been as literate.

The Lexicon of Love stands as a landmark album in British pop. The synthetic Eighties’ drum-thwaks and Chic-esque bass lines sound better now than ever. It gave disco a whole new vocabulary and helped pave the way for the dance movements of the late Eighties and Nineties.


RIYL: Soft Cell, Human League