Plutonic Group Syncs :: 'Loves Been Good To Me' by Frank Sinatra

Love’s Been Good To Me

♔ Love’s Been Good To Me ♔


Rod McKuen wrote over 1,500 songs, including Love’s Been Good to Me, ‘Seasons in the Sun‘, and ‘Jean‘. In fact, these tracks accounted for sales of over 100 million records worldwide according to the Associated Press..

In 1969, Frank Sinatra commissioned an entire album of Rod McKuen’s deeply moving poems and songs, elegantly arranged by Don Costa.

Released under the title A Man Alone: The Words and Music of Rod McKuen, the album featured the now classic, ‘Love’s Been Good to Me’.  First recorded in 1964 by McKuen, the track eventually became one of his best-known songs

The arrangements are perfectly prepared canvasses for Sinatra’s cello-like vocal tone. Sinatra imbues the lyrics with the proper mixture of experience and resignation but no regrets. The melodies draw upon classic pop, folk and European chanson influences. While Don Costa’s MOR guitar keyboards and lush string arrangements provide just enough rhythmic propulsion.

Love’s Been Good To Me“, as fine a song as McKuen ever wrote expressing a sense of passing time and its loss. The jazzy carousel arrangement of this well known song is an excellent addition and upbeat note in the album. However it best enjoyed in the grander context of the entire album.

Loneliness, the only topic McKuen found of much interest, fortunately a great theme in Sinatra’s work.


RIYL: Leonard Cohen, Andy Williams.