PGS :: Batuk - Maak Oop Die Boot (Move EP)

Maak Oop Die Boot

▒ Maak Oop Die Boot ▒


With their hybrid afro-house tune, ‘Maak Oop Die Boot‘, Batuk brings kwaito up to date with funky bass, Afro percussion, male/female rappers along with a punchy synthesizer melody that straddles the line between house and electronic music dancing above an alternative mid-tempo/kwaito groovy sound

Batuk is an acclaimed music project from Johannesburg, South Africa, lead by vocalist/rapper Manteiga and producer Spoek Mathambo proudly represent a range of vibrant South African township sounds.

A gardener of culture, Spoek Mathambo cultivates his surroundings and bringing forth new acts, sounds and new inspiring music.

A track where we meet Manteiga as a little girl, jumping rope in the street. She tells about the Sunday afternoon in summer where she meets with friends in the parks of Johannesburg, with the cooler, to dance to the sound which escapes from the open car

From the sampling of the adlib from Thebe’s classic song “Boola Boot” to Spoek and Manteiga’s quintessential kwaito bravado; and even the slang and references, this one is straight from the ’90s. It’s reminiscent of an Arthur Mafokate production.

The kasis are at the heart of musical culture in South Africa and draw a sound card of unparalleled richness across the country. Born in the township of Soweto, at the time of Mandela’s election, kwaito served as a soundtrack for the emancipation of black youth.

With all of these borrowed influences, ‘Maak Oop Die Boot‘ still manages to not sound like a rip of old school kwaito. It has its own personality and Spoek and Manteiga should be commended for owning and keeping alive one of the most definitive genres of music in South Africa.

Batuk is that pan-African collective you oughta now! And now, spoil your ears and let this intelligent dance music take you on a trip worth taking.

The eclectic duo are on a quest to connect the African diaspora by exchanging and sharing African rhythm culture and language while fusing it with electrifying house beats.

RIYL: Jain

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