❂ Melophonia ❂


Cosmic Fields sound as if they were playing in hippie robes in rooms that were decorated with lava lamps and tapestries, combining their initial psych rock sound with a sleepy Dream Pop and 8-bit chic.

With their single, ‘Melophonia‘, Cosmic Fields send us on a trip with a dose of retro in the veins and LSD leaflets in the ear canal, plunging deep into the lightness of colors and art-pop without completely drifting off. The track slowly reveals itself, oscillating between naïve melodies, in the image of Hayao Miyazaki’s generic landscapes to eclectic musical wonders from the seventies represented with a modern twist!

Melophonia‘ is the effect of this little sound pill with easy melodies on the guitar and with the keyboards.

Three outlanders explore distant horizons, embracing the psychedelic sounds of their ancestors and merging them with those of today, in order to create melodies that everyone can relate to.

RIYL: Todd Rundgren, Neu, Haruomi Hosono