☰ Move! ☰

Kwaito may be a new discovery to some, but in South Africa, it’s anything but an “underground” sound; It was street soul made from synthesizers and rhythm machines, formed in the Johannesburg township of Soweto.

Batuk, whose 2018 EP Move! is a homage to the kwaito beat they grew up with and the roots that shaped them. Their track, “Move!” says and does exactly what it promises in its namesake. It manages to mash the best of 90s EDM and kwaito into a modern dancefloor club bop while also beautifully pan-African in the way Manteiga seamlessly switches between an English and Portuguese flow while Spoek reminds us why local hip hop has finally found its way.

Kwaito’s foundation sound still holds the power to make today’s dancefloors shake, bleeding into modern tracks as new generations rediscover its roots.

RIYL: Jain, Missy Elliott,

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