❂ Mute ❂


There is no doubt that Árstíðir are Icelandic. Even if we hadn’t known beforehand, within seconds of the album starting, this fact would have been confirmed. You see, there is something about the music that emanates from this magical island – whatever the genre, whatever the inspiration, there is something about it that just sounds unique, Icelandic. If we’re ever able to fully put my finger on what it is, we’ll be the first to shout. However, at the moment, we can’t get past two words: ‘purity’ and ‘atmosphere’.

When you listen to their relatively poppy piano ballad, ‘Mute’, you’ll understand exactly what we’re talking about with its modern mainstream edge.  A delicate mood flows through blend of neo-classical minimalism and post-rock experimentation – staggering melodic hooks led by heart-wrenchingly beautiful vocal harmonies that maintain the unsettling notion of frigid, transcendental isolation.


RIYL: Katatonia, Sigur Rós, Sufjan Stevens, Daughter