Plutonic Group Syncs :: Myrra Ros Ghost Bird (song)

Ghost Birds

◐ Ghost Birds ◑


Icelandic singer-songwriter Myrra Rós is one of the leading singer-songwriters in the Icelandic acoustic music scene. Her music includes the ambiance of Reykjavik, Northern folk music and the energy of Icelandic natural powers. All of which you will hear in ‘Ghost Birds’…

Subdued, melancholic music realized in a rather minimalist style, but with some wonderful elation and uprisings, is the background for Myrra’s ethereal and emotional vocals and the lyrical layer, which describes life and deep feelings.

Full of sadness, but not explicitly stated, ‘Ghost Birds‘ is a folksy melodious blend of soft acoustic twinges, intermingling with powerful drums, and atmospheric synths.

Rós pierces with the sound of sensitive, raw vocals while effortlessly incorporating a variety of instruments into the song. The Reykjavik-based singer-songwriter has an exceptional, almost intuitive grasp of musical harmonies,

“Sleeping is for dreamers” sings Myrra, the delicate anguish of her voice is effective.  She is like a little child, but also like a woman. 

Her music calls for a proper deep listening while you sink into a comfortable armchair in front of a fireplace. Ghost Birds evokes a sense of tranquility too, as the singer’s beautiful, clear timbre of a voice slowly lulls us into a soothing bliss.


RIYL: Fionn Regan, Ane Brun, Bon Iver, Sóley