Plutonic Group Syncs :: 'A Nocturnal Walk' by Cosmic Fields

Nocturnal Walk

✇ Nocturnal Walk ✇


The Genevan band, Cosmic Fields delivers with “Shangri-La”, a second LP that invites the listener to dive into the aquarium of Prog Art Pop, complete with candid and daydreamy thoughts, full of hazy memories.

Cosmic Fields connect the still dominant hallucinogenic vibe with abstract melodies and progressive grooves in their single, ‘Nocturnal Walk‘, a blend of nostalgic rock and space pop with the trippy male vocal weaving between jangly lead and reverby guitars, driving drums, and swirling Hammond organ. Powerful infectious grooves slow to dreamy middle eight @3:35 slightly building to floaty, chilled spacey waltz immersing the listener in a colorful sea of ​​chorus-prized Prog-Art-Pop.

Cosmic Fields is a mix of styles, influences and an album that advocates a kind of mysterious journey.


RIYL: The Doors, Temples, Jacco Gardner, Pond, Tame Impala