⇮ Nothing Changes ⇮

Emma Gillespie is a Scottish singer-songwriter who started her career busking and playing open mic nights in Glasgow. While arguably the Dumfries native is best known for her talent show appearance, the release of Pier Siamese, makes it clear there’s far more at work than just a big voice.

The track, ‘Nothing Changes‘ is a slow, gritty and quasi-haunting indie with rising and twisted layers of electric guitars punctuated by Gillespie’s airy yet bewitching double-tracked vocal over a cool kit groove. Both heavy and edgy, the song features dark, atmospheric beats with alt-rock influence.

Emma’s brooding, atmospheric, vocal performance, across Pier Siamese, marks it out as arguably the biggest indicator of her intentions to use this EP as a way to re-introduce herself and let fans see another side of her.

RIYL: Paper Aeroplanes, Nina Nesbitt, Noah Cyrus