☵ Parallel ☵


In a recent interview, the singer quotes Nick Drake’s album “Pink Moon” as a major influence on Mieke’s music. The ‘Idle Mind’ opening track, ‘Parallel‘ by Anna Mieke is sprinkled with shades and textures of Drake, most assuredly!

Parallel‘ presents a mix of excellent supporting instrumentation and clever rhythms which open up as the song develops. Washed in shades of Irish music, ‘Parallel’ is an eclectic assortment of sounds rooted in folk. Abstract lyrics and superb instrument arrangements are used in a solely harmonic capacity to support the Mieke’s celestial vocals. The musical landscapes are woven into the song on a Greek bouzouki, electric guitar, piano and alluring melody of intimacy.

Mieke’s voice is perfection throughout, and the song is a scene setter for the rest of the album. It is intriguing, it is rhythmic, and it is beautifully delivered.

Because of the innovative phrasing of some of Mieke’s vocals, it may take a few listens to fully grasp the lyrics of some songs. For the song skippers, none of the songs on this fine, brightly produced album are short.

There is always something interesting in the mix. Parallel by Anna Mieke deserves a deep listen. So do listen, savour the quality of this album, and enjoy it!