Plutonic Group Syncs :: Parenthèse by Landscape (Band)


❝ Parenthèse ❞


Landscape returns as a collective of beautiful people delivering a slice of airy, subtle and dreamy modern classical, titled, ‘Parenthèse’.

The magic works, the tranquility invades us, On the album, With A Little Help From My Friends, Landscape knows perfectly where to lay each note and, with the support of careful realization, delivers titles more mesmerizing than the other, to listen to again and again.

Landscape is definitely no longer Guillaume De Chirac’s project; it’s more of a great opportunity to invite anyone with the same opinion of music as their own. Anyone who could bring little leaps of tears and melancholy.

The title of album is then immediately more meaningful and the circumstances more beautiful. Creating atmospheric pop, finely orchestrated and beautifully enhanced by violins which return, masterfully, on “Parenthèse“, to enrich a somewhat haunting piece.

These guests, in effect, leave their mark on the composition,  a hybrid of hushed atmospheres of Landscape done with delicacy.

With A Little Help From My Friends is peaceful —  uncertainty and anxiety, chased by comfort.  Tender melodies, delicately dressed in arpeggios (piano and guitars) as invitations to introspective contemplation.

The landscape which takes shape is covered with snow. Cool but not cold. The rays of the sun shave the clear horizon. A few dislocated clouds give relief to the atmosphere, a light breeze makes a few leaves fly, indeed, still alive.

Falling back to earth, Landscape delivers a very quiet album where the instruments occupy a large place without being labeled “post-rock”. To call this a ‘pop’ album would not be a good idea either.. Landscape, simply, makes good music.

This album is a permanent landscape, a trip to a fascinating Guillaume de Chirac..


RIYL: Sigur Rós, David Sylvian, A Silver Mt. Zion